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HI all! Welcome to Wholeness Nanny and you, we are so glad you found us. We look forward to getting to know you and your family. But, first, let’s help you get to know us! I am Staci. A single, homeschooling, doTERRA lovin mama. I have been a nanny for over 20 years and have such a heart for the work I have done. My passion for sharing natural solutions with essential oils has grown just like the kids I have nannied. When it came time to find the next family I opted to help other mom’s (and dad’s) wade through the hiring process to find that perfect fit rather than find a new family myself.  Thus was born our business.

When I am not working I can be found enjoying the beautiful islands of the PNW, savoring the perfect Americano at a local coffee shop or cooking up a feast for friends and family. I love being a mom and have enjoyed creating a career that allows me to use my experience and knowledge to support other families.

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A morning all, I’m thrilled to begin my day with you! Yes, you read that correctly, “A morning” is the greeting my husband now gives me each day after his “good mornings” were often met with a grunt, glare, or snarky response. I thought it suitable to introduce myself in my true light, I’m not really a morning person and I don’t believe coffee is only for the start of the day- just saying, these may be the most important things to note about me.

However there is so much more to me and I did want to spend a quick moment sharing a bit about myself, I’ll try not to bore you. I am a happily married cat mom who has lived in the Seattle area for 10+ years. This June, I will be celebrating my wedding anniversary as well as the anniversary of being home owners. I work at a nonprofit as a paraprofessional, assisting young children and their families in behavior therapy and early intervention, it’s a challenging job but worth every minute of it! When the weekends hit, you’ll find me curled up on the couch with the cat and a good show/book, on the rooftop doing some gardening, or in the kitchen trying out a new recipe. I also enjoy volunteering at the zoo and in my local neighborhood.

My life is blessed and my heart is full of joy! It may be “a morning” but once we get through that, today will be amazing!


Might I suggest snowmen? Inside??

Every where I look I’m seeing the signs of the season and loving it! What makes it better, in my humble opinion, is letting the little ones help out with the decorating in their own special way!

December is such a great month of crafts it’s almost hard to decide. I like to pick a theme and go from there.

Today’s theme is: SNOWMEN- when it’s cold enough for snow, why not start dreaming

Great gift for the parents or grandparents! 

NEED I SAY ANYTHING?? Love may not melt but this sure melts my heart!

gift snowman

For those who like to use a little of everything!

dolie snow man

How much fun is this, and how cute! The ideas on how to decorate this guy (or gal) is endless! I love the idea of using paint, craft sticks, pom poms, and more. Any craft that can include up to 7 items, none of which are glitter, is an A+ in my book. It allows the artist to incorporate thought and planning into their art. It also allows for many interpretations. Show your kiddo this finished product, give them the same materials, and I dare you to see what they create. Art is beyond fun, it is also window into the mind of the artist- make sure you take time to really observe.


Snowmen ornaments…using tealights?!?

I just think this one is cute. and how adorable to turn into a little gift for classmates or stocking stuffers for parents/siblings? Of course I also see endless possibilities for materials and outcomes which ups the fun-o-meter by quite a lot.

tealight snow man


Snowman for the older kiddos-  or a patient and loving adult who is willing to get messy and work on these over a little time. It’s a super way to throw a little science into the mix too. Who knew yarn, balloons and glue could do this?? Well, maybe you did but it’s always fun to see the reactions of some else as they learn the magic.

older snow man







As always, check out pinterest for these and many more amazing crafts! Until the next artsy craving comes along, I think I’m off to watch me a little Frosty the Snowman! Happy crafting all!



Family First…

When looking at the hustle and bustle of a busy family life it is easy to get conflicted on what the priorities are. For myself, as a single mom, who runs 2 businesses, leads a GS troop, home schools, volunteers at church and keeps one foot in the door at a job I have loved for 20+years I understand BUSY!!! I know we all have different family structures, different demands on our time and more invites to do more than we can possibly squeeze in to a month let alone a day. It is all to easy to crawl in bed at the end of the day and wonder if anything that was done that day will be worth a memory for your family years from now. As promised, we have a few tips for you!

First, learn when to say Yes, and when to say NO. Every mom I talk to will have a different opinion on when you do either. As a mom, a business woman AND a nanny I will admit that I can not, or should not be the one to tell you when to say which. I will however encourage you to be proactive in your life choices. Before you schedule another thing stop and evaluate your family and the needs of each member of your family at THIS moment. Is there someone who needs extra support?  Do you have an existing commitment at work or a goal that is requiring extra time? Once we take the time to set our priorities for this season making plans becomes much easier.

I read a book years ago by Patrick Lencioni entitles “The 3 Big Questions for a frantic family” it was one of the best tools I have to date for slowing down the pace of our family life. Taking the time to get super clear on what our families priority was for the next week/month/quarter allowed me to weigh every invite or activity offered against our goal. When I could clearly see what the value was and if it helped us achieve the goal, took us away from it or had no impact on it I could quickly and confidently decide if this was something that I would say Yes to.

Next, look at your family and determine how you want this season to feel. Do you want it to be calm, quiet, serene, reflective and cozy? Do you prefer to feel vibrant, energized, excited and in awe? When it comes to Holiday fun we all WANT to say yes to every party, community event, fun field trip, and excuse to play hooky from adulting and embrace the magic of the season. For some of us the busy crazy fun is exactly what our family needs and wants to feel inspired and energized. For others, it is exhausting, constraining and leaves us feeling overwhelmed. In a world that thrives on “too much” of a good thing be strategic in where you place your energy and what will ultimately leave your family feeling exactly how you want to feel.

Finally, I would invite you to recognize that most of the opportunities we have this time of year are NOT once in a lifetime events. Although we may really love going to a specific holiday party, or catching the Christmas Carolers at the mall or a light show in that one neighborhood, most of those will be around next year. Remember that making memories and putting your family first will allow you to step in to the New Year refreshed, renewed and excited about what is to come.  In our home we have years that every day from now until the New year is full of events and activities and we THRIVE on that. We also have years, that staying home and creating a cozy quiet tradition is exactly what we need. We hope you take the time to CHOOSE what it is that will serve your family best this year.



The calm before the storm

Many of us in the PNW got a taste of the wind storms that the fall and winter months often bring yesterday. Of course, I could share my thoughts and experiences with it but as I sat snuggled in my home, enjoying the blustery day and the gas fireplace and had tea with my daughter all I could think was this ” I wish this moment would last”.

In my world I find moments of calm hard to come by. I thrive in a busy life and love being on the go with my favorite side kick in tow. Yet, as I think of the next 6 weeks and the buzz already in the air of Holiday preparations, the shopping, the invites and the unending pressure of making each moment count. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to share the magic of the Season with my family. I also, don’t want to wake up in Jan exhausted, unable to recall what we did because it was such a flurry of chaos, and have a large debt to show for the “fun” we had.

Over the next few days I want to share a few of the ways Wholeness Nanny and You can help you through this Holiday Season. I would love to hear your feedback and your tips so comment below and lets make this a magical time for kids, parents, and nannies alike.

My morning commute…the view that is!

Today’s little moment of thanks is for my morning commute. Not the drive, or the hour (way too early for this gal!), or the terrible drivers but for the views.

I am blessed to have some of the most amazing views along my drive into work. It helps that I head in at the same hour as nearly all of Seattle, leading me to be forced to stop and admire the beauty around me. I understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder so some of what I describe next may not fit your definition but I’d ask you drive it once on a gorgeous sunrise before totally axing this gratitude of mine.

This is my commute which I do solo, so I have no video or photo proof but believe me I have tried many times and there comes a point I had to decide safety first…

Here is just a “glimpse” of what I get to see and am grateful to enjoy:

-The port of Seattle with a backdrop of West Seattle. Ferries heading off to the islands which are often sprinkled with clouds off in the distance.

-The stadiums with Seattle’s top athletes starring me down.

– A stretch of I-90 where I am blinded by the sun rising, shocked by looming Mt Rainier, and in awe of what Bellevue looks like shrouded in fog.

– Bald eagles soaring, cranes gliding, gulls playing in the wind and hawks spying me from the light posts.

I hate mornings, not much will convince me otherwise but no matter what my grump level is, my wonderful and often unexpected views while heading in to face “the world” is just enough. Just enough to make it all worth it, to change my mood, uplift my spirit, and remind me how lucky I am to have this day.

Image result for mt rainier from I-90 floating bridge

Image result for sunrise from I-90 floating bridge

Time to give thanks!

Good bye, October…Hello November!

One of my favorite months! November is my month to reset and prepare for the craziness of the holiday season. Each year in November I try to be more mindful, take time to give back, appreciate each little blessing, and spend the month bettering myself and hopefully spreading a positive vibe around.

On that note, this months’s blogs will be dedicated to those very things…

Today I am thankful for the beautiful state I live in. It has to be one of the most beautiful places I know of. I spent my weekend surround by mountain views, fall colors, and nature. My heart was happy, my mind at peace, and for a few days the hustle and bustle of work and city life were not even on the radar. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for this small moment in time where I was able to be at one with mother nature, let my every worry disappear in the breeze while the sunshine warmed my face. cora lake





Thank you Mt Rainier for the amazing weekend!mt rainer



To trick or treat? Who has the practice?

Let’s face it, Halloween is a little weird. I can’t even imagine what I was thinking those first few years of being stuffed into a costume, told to wander around in the dark, approach dark and spooky houses and receive candy from strangers. I suppose for me, it was a little easier then some. I had three older sisters, these gals always kept me in the loop. With older siblings you get the heads up about these things, like “don’t be scared, those aren’t real bones in the grass.” or “don’t go to that house, there is a guy who always jumps out to scare the kids.” or “always hit up this house, the give away king size candy bars!” What if you didn’t have that? What if you were the oldest? Or an only? Who helps you figure it all out?

Image result for trick or treat

Here’s the good news…there are now place one can go to try out the whole trick or treating thing before the big day. Places you can go and see others wearing costumes and knocking on doors but the lights are on and the people aren’t so scary. There is no harm in preparing your little one for one of the strangest nights of the year.

Image result for trick or treat

Here are some of  the safe spots to give trick or treating a practice run for you and your youngsters:

Children’s Hospital:

Date: Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Location: Seattle Children’s Autism Center, 4909 25th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105
Contact: Call 206-987-0299 for more information.
Cost: Free. No RSVP needed.

Woodland Park Zoo:


pumpkin bash featuring boomazium

WHEN: Oct 28 – Oct 29 at 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

WHERE: Phinney Ridge , Woodland Park Zoo, 5500 Phinney Ave. N., Seattle, Wa

COST: Free with admission or membership


Renton Landing:

WHEN: Oct 30, 2016 at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

WHERE: Renton, The Landing in Renton, 1215 N. Landing Way, Renton, Wa

COST: Free


Image result for trick or treat



Halloween crafts…time to decorate!

It’s already halfway through this spooky month that kicks off fall and a domino of holidays. I thought it’d be a fun time to share a couple super quick and easy crafts you (or your nanny) could do with your little one to get into the Halloween mood…these are kid friendly, not crafts to spark fear and nightmares.

These are some of my favorite crafts I’ve done year after year with my clients at work. Some of these do require a little more supervision (think paint or scissors) but all in all can be completed fairly independently. I find having one example done ahead of time helps little crafts understand the crafts at hand.

Spider Web– this requires some fine motor practice from little hands and a tiny bit of prep from the adults. I would do the paint in phases, this could be a multiple day projects or be used in a home “lesson”…incorporate a web hunt in the back yard, read some stories about spiders, sing itsy-bitsy spider. spider wed *Don’t forget to add the age of those hands on the back…it’s fun to watch the spider grow each year if you repeat this craft.

Mummies!– this one is super cute and gives use to those condiment jars that are almost empty after all the summer barbecues. With very few materials needed yet painting with glue!- this slightly mess is craft is hit for kids and parents alike. Who doesn’t like one more light by the door on these dark, windy nights? I recommend using the battery operated tea lights for added safety (and they won’t get blown out).


Monster – so you may notice a theme with my crafts…if it can be done with recycled products that I have laying around the house, that’s my preference. Here’s one that is fun to do during a play date or with siblings. Get all the materials out, show them the picture, and see what kind of monsters your little monsters come up with. I love seeing how creative young minds can get.

monstersI think this is also a great craft for ridding your craft drawer of tiny bits of left over materials from past projects. It doesn’t have to look like much to you, it’s what it becomes in the hands of the artist that matters!





Candy Corn handprints– If you are one of those types who look at those tiny hands and can’t imagine that they will one day be as large as yours…this one is for you! It may take a tag team effort to avoid a paint-tastraphy (one holding hand, one prepared with paper towel to immediately wipe hands). Again, this craft leans toward the side of me who likes to repeat projects and see the growth…you could even start with year one on one side and add a candy corn each year to see the side by side comparison. All too often, we look down and realize we are staring at the heart of our “little” ones, not into there eyes- the grow sooooo fast!

 candy corn

As I always recommend, Pinterest! It has endless ideas for crafts, decorating, teaching, learning…it’s an amazing tool to help any one turn a craft into a lesson, or a dream into reality!

Happy not so spooky October to you! Enjoy the changing of the seasons and all the fun of fall!





Thanks, Sis! or should I say”partner in crime?”

I am so blessed to have sisters. They are best friends, advisers, sounding boards, and confidants. I’ve recently been even more honored to begin business with one of these fabulous women.

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to my sister and business partner, Staci. This weekend marks the first in many that we haven’t spent a few hours enjoying each others company. Whether for work or play, we have an amazing time together.

I hope you are recovering from the heart racing game this weekend, unwinding in your new space, and having almost as much fun as when we are together! You’re the best! Thank you for sharing this wild adventure with me, what an awesome gift!

my “nothing” sunday

It’s been a really busy week for me. The time flew by and although I know I enjoyed it, it’s all a bit of a blur. I do know that I feel like today I got my feet back under me…chores are tackles, food is prepped, family time has been abundant. I love a good Sunday with “nothing” on the books!

My nothing started with a cup of coffee and cuddles with the cat. Which quickly was joined by the husband and the morning football games (we’ve got the red zone and a surface that bridges what might be missed by only one TV). As I felt the caffeine kicking in I was able to persuade my man to head to the store with me and get the last items needed for the week-went far better then anticipated. Home by noon.

In my need to pile as much into as small a time frame as possible, I got the Sunday brunch of home made biscuits and gravy going, prep for a soup to simmer, transfer now frozen pineapple into the smoothie container, hard boil eggs, and start the laundry…ALL before kickoff!!

I’ve got lunches and dinners for days, a clean bed to retire to, a happy husband and self (Thanks for a crazy game Seahawks), an empty sink…I think it’s time for a little me time! A really long and hot shower, my favorite bands playing in the background, and a evening of relaxing feeling set for the week.

I call today my “tornado” day…my one day a week where I go nuts, start as many projects as I feel confident I can complete before bed and just check of my to do list like I’m leaving town for weeks. When those long work days hit, and traffic slows my progress, I’m going to go home guilt free, slip into my cozy sweats and be grateful I was given time on the weekend to be lazy during the week…or at least have plan b and c in line to ward off stress!