Why we offer a “boutique” experience?

I am not sure about you but when I am a customer I want to have a personalized, and quality experience. No one does that better than small boutiques. They have no interest in competing with larger chain brands or offering an abundance of products. They carefully choose what items have the highest value and what services they can provide better than anyone else. A boutique owner understands the value she provides and makes no excuses for limiting her inventory to suit a specific clientele.

At Wholeness Nanny and You we offer you the “boutique experience” of the Nanny industry. We will not waste your time or resources on  offering services you can get elsewhere. Instead, we have narrowed in on exactly who we want to work with and created the tools and opportunities to help our families in a unique service. We are NOT an agency and have no interest in competing with what is being done there. Instead, we focus on meeting our families where they are at, and helping them navigate the path of finding that ideal nanny for their own children. We can be as involved as our clients need or be available to give support in just one specific area.

We believe that bringing a nanny into your home is more than just offering a job. You are offering a space in the lives of your family and we want to help you create a relationship that lasts. This can best be accomplished when we take the time to first get to the core of who your family is and what is going to serve you best. From there we can determine what is the priority in your home and how hiring the right nanny will help you protect the culture and traditions unique to you. This is a truly “boutique” experience in the nanny world and we are excited to share it with you!



boutique image 2

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