Boost the power of your Interview Questions!

One of the questions I am often asked about when it comes to the services Wholeness Nanny and You provides has to be about our Interview questions. Sure, most families that are hiring a Nanny have at least one parent that has experience hiring or firing employees. What makes it so different when it comes to hiring a nanny? Well, for starters we must get beyond the typical first question.

” DO you have experience working with kids?” Sure, we want to know what experience someone has before we hire them. But, does that question actually provide any value? Does it tell you anything about the potential nanny? Does it set them apart from EVERY other prospective nanny that is at the interview? No, not really. As parents our first thoughts when it comes to hiring a nanny often is Do you like kids? Do you have experience working with kids? But the answer to that question is often exactly the same. Our personalized interview questions go deep. We have used our experiences and knowledge in behavioral analysis to create questions that will tell you more about your prospective nanny then any list you find online. We tailor the questions based on your families needs to help you hone in on the heart of your prospect rather than the standardized answers they are accustomed to giving.

For example, do you have a specific discipline style you prefer to use in your home? If you ask a potential nanny if they are familiar with that style, chances are they will say yes. They may even be able to give you examples of what that would look like for them. However, if you change that question to ask how a specific situation should be handled, you will hear from the prospect the method they are most comfortable using in their position. This is exactly why we spend months creating our interview question template and can personalize them for our clients. You will understand who you are hiring in a much more intimate and personal way then had you stuck to the basic questions nannies often hear. Trust me, after 20 years in the industry, I know most nannies can answer ANY of those questions in a way that will impress the family whether or not that is truly a representation of who that nanny is.

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