Are you our next VIP?

VIP IMAGE       Wholeness Nanny and You is looking for their next VIP.  Are you looking to hire a nanny to begin with your family in 2-3 months? Do you enjoy calling the shots for your family and making the decisions that are best for you rather than handing your families needs off to an agency to fill? Would you like to have your next nanny stay for years with your kids? Well, if this sounds like you then you may be exactly who we are looking for.

As you may have seen we have plenty of options to help our clients with small problems like providing contracts, helping a family get clear on what type of person will be the best nanny for them, and guidance through background checks and obtaining driving records. However, we will only take on 2-3 families at a time to be our VIP clients. We believe in giving ALL of our clients a personalized boutique experience with any service they purchase. To be sure our VIP clients are given the consultations, guidance and time they are trusting us to provide we will only work with a small number at a time. Could you be our next VIP?


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