May is here and growing up in my house that meant May Day baskets! If you aren’t familiar with this tradition you may easily think “What?? Didn’t we just do the whole Easter basket thing?” but these baskets are just a little different…and way more fun in my opinion.Image result for may day baskets

I really didn’t know the reasons behind the baskets, I’m sure I was told when I was younger but I was too excited to make them to really stop and listen. So as I reminiscence on how much I loved this tradition as a kid, making baskets out of paper with handles stapled or taped on and filling them with flowers for the yard. Once they were filled we would sneak to a neighbor or friend who we cared about and try to hang them on the  door without being noticed. I remember the joy of every part of this silly tradition. I loved making the baskets “beautiful” by drawing on the paper before rolling it into a cone and taping it into a little basket. The adventure of finding the flowers could last for hours. The being super stealthy and doing detective work to find the perfect moment to hang the basket, what a rush! And all followed by this overwhelming pride for having put someone else first and with out reason or request. These are the memories I cherish from my Spring days growing up, a tradition lost in the wind to most.

Image result for may day baskets       Image result for may day baskets    Image result for may day baskets

This May Day, I challenge you and your cutie to deliver a basket made with no cost but the love in your heart to someone you think could use a little extra TLC today…

When you are done, send us a shout out and tell us how it went! Maybe we can start spreading the love and choking out the hate!

Happy May Day everyone! Image result for may day baskets

To learn a little more about May Day, NPR did a great article about the Forgotten Tradition. learn more here

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