Wondering how much to pay the newest “member” of your family?

Finding the person who fits with your family and your ever changing needs can be a long up hill battle. Once you’ve gone through the postings, phone calls, email, scheduling time for interviews and have found the “one,” the final step to securing happiness is making that offer. One wrong step here and it’s possible to see those dreams slip away.

Here are some guidelines and things to consider when it’s time to name a price and make and offer:

-What is the minimum wage for your state/city?

  • WA state as of Jan 1, 2018  is $11.50

-What is the average rate for child care near you?

  • Seattle rate average $17.49
  • Bellevue average $17.70

*A few miles can change expectations!!

-What experience does your future nanny come with?

  • Experience is gold in this field. With experience comes a wealth of knowledge that can benefit not only the child but the whole family. What’s that worth to you?

-What certificates and/or degrees do they have that relate to childcare?

  • CPR
  • 1st aid
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Behavior Technicians
  • Etc

-What responsibilities are expected of nanny?

  • When adding extras such as chores, errands, pets care or anything that exceeds strict childcare services it is recommended compensation be considered.

-Will additional benefits be offered on top of base pay such as insurance (car or health), sick pay, vacation time,  travel?

  • If so, these can be used as bargaining tools to find a good compromise between employee and employer.

-How are raises and/or performance reviews conducted? How often?

  • When coming to a pay rate both parties find acceptable, it’s wise to keep in mind the frequency of reviews and raises. Be up front and transparent about potential for wage increase. An exact number doesn’t need to be presented. The knowledge and assurance that a beginning wage has room to grow and time to discuss performance of job at a designated time often settles anxieties on both ends from the very beginning.

Best of luck on this adventure! We are just an email away if you’ve got any questions or road blocks you need help with along the way!



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