Staying healthy in 2018

My husband likes to joke that from September to June is sick season for any one who works with kids. We are either getting a cold, fighting a bug, just over something, or feeling a tickle in the throat, you name it and we’ve probably already got it (twice) or are all about preventing it.

Here are a couple common germ fighting, cold busting, tried and true solutions to start 2018 with that immune system in full force!

-Wash your hands!!! All the time!!! If you hadn’t already heard this little tidbit 20 seconds is the rule- try humming the ABC’s or happy birthday, makes the time fly by.

-Get sleep. Your body is at it’s best when it’s rest, no matter the age! Your immune system is also working it’s hardest while you sleep…why not give it all the time it needs?

-Vitamins, at the least vitamin D (that’s the one we get from sunshine). If it’s sunny, get out for a walk, hike, bike ride. Not only will you get a boost of Vitamin D, you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel after some fresh air!

-Water, drink it and often! Without enough water our bodies aren’t functioning at their optimum which can lead to lower immune health.

  • Fun fact, if you make yourself a glass of lemon water you are tackling two germ killers at once! Lemons have Vitamin C so give yourself a little one two punch.

-Sneeze/Cough into your sleeve or elbow. You can avoid spreading germs by by eliminating covering coughs and sneezes with your hand when possible.

-Carry some sort of sanitizer or wipes in your pocket/purse when in crowded areas. Although soap and water are best, in a pinch there is some relief in a quick way to disinfect (like after that fellow bus rider spent the last 15 stops coughing and blowing their nose).

– Keep a small sandwich bag in your pocket along with a pack of tissues during cold season. When the need to blow your nose arises, you’ve already got a spot to put the holder of germs.

-When sick, stay home. I feel like this is the hardest one to follow. Life must go on, but must it go on with my spreading an awful cold or bug to my coworkers, friends, and family? Think of how much quicker you’ll recover if you tackle your illness head on with rest, water, and some TLC.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2018!

What’s your favorite stay healthy trick? Share it here!

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