Might I suggest snowmen? Inside??

Every where I look I’m seeing the signs of the season and loving it! What makes it better, in my humble opinion, is letting the little ones help out with the decorating in their own special way!

December is such a great month of crafts it’s almost hard to decide. I like to pick a theme and go from there.

Today’s theme is: SNOWMEN- when it’s cold enough for snow, why not start dreaming

Great gift for the parents or grandparents! 

NEED I SAY ANYTHING?? Love may not melt but this sure melts my heart!

gift snowman

For those who like to use a little of everything!

dolie snow man

How much fun is this, and how cute! The ideas on how to decorate this guy (or gal) is endless! I love the idea of using paint, craft sticks, pom poms, and more. Any craft that can include up to 7 items, none of which are glitter, is an A+ in my book. It allows the artist to incorporate thought and planning into their art. It also allows for many interpretations. Show your kiddo this finished product, give them the same materials, and I dare you to see what they create. Art is beyond fun, it is also window into the mind of the artist- make sure you take time to really observe.


Snowmen ornaments…using tealights?!?

I just think this one is cute. and how adorable to turn into a little gift for classmates or stocking stuffers for parents/siblings? Of course I also see endless possibilities for materials and outcomes which ups the fun-o-meter by quite a lot.

tealight snow man


Snowman for the older kiddos-  or a patient and loving adult who is willing to get messy and work on these over a little time. It’s a super way to throw a little science into the mix too. Who knew yarn, balloons and glue could do this?? Well, maybe you did but it’s always fun to see the reactions of some else as they learn the magic.

older snow man







As always, check out pinterest for these and many more amazing crafts! Until the next artsy craving comes along, I think I’m off to watch me a little Frosty the Snowman! Happy crafting all!



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