grab a book and let the (learning) adventure begin!

Growing up reading was one of my absolute favorite things to do. I could spend hours getting lost in a book, completely unaware of the passing of time or what was going on around me. I still love getting immersed in a great book but as I have grown up, the time allow myself for this favorite hobby has dwindled to nearly nothing. If you had told 10 year old me, “in 20+ years what you read in one day will take you 3 months,” I would have laughed or cried but certainly not have believed it…oh how the time flies by!

Keep this in mind and encourage those little readers to make time for a book break daily…yes, even in the summer! What better way to begin or end your (their) day than letting go of reality for a moment and drifting away to another world? Fostering a love of reading is fostering a love of learning, growing, and adventure! No matter the age, the preferred genre, the length, just encourage and support your little ones to always expand their minds. Books and/or reading materials are so easy to keep on hand while out and about or stash in multiple favorite “down time” spots around your home.

Today’s Tip of the Trade: Visit your local library…OFTEN! They often have story time, book reading challenges, awesome recommendations, cool clubs to join for free and an AMAZING return policy on books šŸ˜‰

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