Natural Solutions or Secret Weapons?

When I am not spending my time in the nanny world I am educating families on how to safely and effectively use essential oils. One of the best kept secrets I have comes in a small brown bottle and smells amazing! Okay, perhaps I am not keeping that secret very well but who can blame me?

If you are new to essential oils let me just tell you that when your little ones are expressing themselves in a loud, or stubborn manner that may lack any hint of respect you have access to a fabulous option.  I have found a few oils that work magic in calming the roller coaster of emotions, taming the overly tired beasts and helping to release the tension and anxious feelings that both parents and child can feel.

My favorite “go-to” oils for emotional support with kids are Balance, Lavender, Peace, Forgive and Wild Orange. Each of the oils bring a unique aroma to the situation. If you are not sure how to use them simply open the bottle, put a drop in your hand and rub it in and cup hands over mouth of you or your child to inhale. I have even used a drop on my shoulder and then given the distraught child a hug. The added support essential oils can provide has ALWAYS calmed down the most unruly behavior. Want to learn more? Send me an email and I will send you information on each of these oils or answer any questions you may have  or check out my website here.



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