got the travel bug? Me too!

I can’t believe it’s already mid -June already and I am so itchy…to get out of town that is! I’ve totally been bitten by the travel bug but this year my timing is a little off. I’ve had to come to the realization that I’m not hopping on a plane anytime soon but that doesn’t mean I can’t load up the car and hit the road for a couple days!

Packing aka “loading up the car” has always been tricky for me, I hate to be uncomfortable so i try to pack for ALL weather, locations and possible scenarios which leads to overpacking…every time! It doesn’t matter if it’s an overnight at the in-laws, camping on the coast, Mexico…I will always have more then i need and never enough of the things I really need! I am the only one who has this problem? In all honesty, I actually feel like I have made huge improvements but still will find at least a shirt or two still folded and untouched upon return home from any trip. I suppose I’d rather over pack then deal with the anxiety of realizing I forgot a most important item at home (despite my husbands constant reassurances that stores exist every where).

All this talk has me mentally packing my weekend get away bag! Where are you off to next?

Tip of the Day: Don’t worry about the clothing items as much as the toiletries. There is nothing worse then getting to your destination and finding out you have no toothpaste or prescriptions! Things that are specific to your daily well being should be the main focus when packing, also keeping in mind where your destination takes you…great to have face wash if you have a sink, if not maybe grab your brand of wash in the wipe form.

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