Why hire Wholeness- Nanny and You

So you are looking for a nanny? In this area that means you have had  3 choices:

1) Contact one of the local Nanny agencies

2) Ask a friend(s) for their nanny

3)Place an ad or search online sites and newspapers to find the right person

UNTIL NOW!! We are here to give you another option. Finally YOU the parents can stay in control of the entire process with a secret weapon in your pocket! Hire Wholeness -Nanny and You to lend a hand in the area(s) that challenge you or you are not sure of and save money on agencies fees while feeling secure in your decision.

Here at Wholeness- Nanny and You we will meet you where you are at. If you just need help getting background checks or providing a contract that outlines the specific details of the job between you and your new nanny, WE CAN HELP! If you aren’t sure what questions to ask a prospective nanny or what red flags might pop up on an application, WE CAN HELP! If you have questions and just need an experienced ear to give you some guidance  WE CAN HELP! Of course, what we do best is guiding you through the process of understanding that to find the perfect match for your family, clarity is key. We offer an extensive Intake Questionaire that gives you a crystal clear idea of what you want in your home ranging from discipline, chores, activities, and priorities.  When you can set an expectation with a new hire of exactly what it is you want for your child when you are away you are setting yourself up for a nanny/family relationship with longevity. That is our goal! We offer a free 15 min consultation and will gladly answer any questions you may have in that time.

Helping families find nannies that go beyond the ” I am good with kids” mentality to finding a nanny that is wanting to be in your families life for a long term relationship, THAT is our mission.

Daily Trick of the Trade- There is no risk involved in leaning on those that have a passion to help in areas that are not your expertise. Contact us today.

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