Family Movie Night!

There is really nothing like getting to spend time with the ones you love, enjoying each others company and being in the same space. That being said, there is also nothing like being able to do that with little conversation or energy being expended…like during a family movie night! These days taking a family out to the movies can get expensive fast, making it hard to really cherish the time together,  why not bring the theater feel to your home and save yourself some cash and time?

I keep the movie titles that most spiked interest in our home in a jar and draw out a title when we are approaching movie night. Once you know the movie, the rest is simple! A good movie night will include comfy clothes (pj’s and sweats anyone?), blankets and pillows to lounge on, some snacks, and mood lighting. It’s fun to send out invitations to each family member including the time and what’s playing in their lunches or left on notes on mirrors/pillows. Let your family know how much you are looking forward to that time together. As your kids grow, let them help out with planning the food, or writing/delivering the invites, perhaps even setting up the “movie theater.” Keeping everyone involved helps ensure everyone has a good time.

Daily Trick of the Trade: Creating family date nights (such as movie night) at a young age will help foster family time for years to come, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, it just needs to be time with you!

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