Prioritize and delegate

Where has the day gone?? Between work, commute, doctors appointments, errands, and a stop at the gas station I’m just now getting home to my family. I know I’m not alone in this routine so for all of those who just are glad the day is nearing an end…

Today’s trick of the trade: Learn to prioritize! make to-do lists, decide what is reasonable to accomplish given the days schedule and don’t stress what doesn’t get checked off, if it’s that important, it will find itself on tomorrows To-Do list. If that list never seems to get checked off take a look and see what can be delegated to someone else, it really is OK to say there isn’t enough hours in the day or energy in this body to “do it all”…why not let some one else help out? You might find you’ve got more time to play with the kids, get in a workout, maybe even have a date night?! Time is precious, spend it with the ones you love, doing the things you love!

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