No time so no breakfast? No way!

As already mentioned, I’m not really a morning person-there really isn’t any thing I enjoy about this time of day (well, I don’t mind knowing coffee is in my immediate future). To me, mornings are a just the judge for day, make one wrong move and I just know my day is going to be one hurdle after another. To avoid this I try my best to prepare for the day ahead before I head to bed. Lunch made-check, coffee set for auto brew-check, any “out of the ordinary items” in/near my work bag- check, smoothie made-check!

Smoothies have saved my mornings! Every night, I take 5 minutes to open my freezer and grab a cup of fresh frozen fruit, a scoop of yogurt, handful of spinach (oh yes I did), and a little ground flax seed and dump it all into my little fighter blender, top it with a little juice and viola! Notice this recipe is super exact? Not! That’s the beauty of a smoothie, add what’s in season or what you love with a tad of liquid and a thickener (if desired) and you’ve got yourself a breakfast on the go. I like to blend mine the night before as to avoid the horrible noise and morning excuse of “no time so no breakfast.” If I’m really honest, I usually chug mine in under 2 minutes while pouring the to-go coffee and grabbing my lunch from fridge. I don’t recommend this for everyone, or for everyday but it’s a super quick and easy way to add vitamins and protein into the mix early in the day.

Daily Trick of the trade: Adding greens into smoothies is super easy and barely noticeable if you add in a couple blackberries (honestly only 5 will do the trick). Those berries will turn your brown algae smoothie into a purple delight! Adding flax seed ups the fiber and help your little ones stay regular (use sparingly when first adding, no need to flush the system!). These two little additions will make your heart happy and your kiddos healthy, double bonus to start the day!

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