Do you ever head to bed thinking you’ve got the most stellar plans for the next day? Maybe a trip to the park, a ferry ride, a bike riding adventure complete with kites and picnic baskets? You hype the kids up, sending them to bed with dreams of sunshine and slides only to wake up to gloom and doom? Ahhh, that good ol’ Seattle weather got you again, didn’t it?

Whether you’re a long time resident or new to the area, the weather around here never fails to surprise. There is a saying that we can easily get all 4 seasons in one short hour and it is so true! It makes planning anything around here a bit of a challenge. Packing for the park: jacket, sunglasses, umbrella, sunscreen…wait what? Umbrella AND sunscreen, what kind of list is this? It’s the list of Seattlites. One quickly learns to search out spaces that have indoor and outdoor appeal, always have a backup plan/bag in the car, and never assume looking at the sky will indicate how to proceed with your plans if your timeline extends past the immediate 15 minutes.

This summer, visit back often to find fun activities, brainstorm for those unexpected rainy days, and even find a hint on how to include those summer fruits and veggies into your little ones diet! With over decades of childcare experience, Wholeness- Nanny and You has a couple tried and true tricks of the trade we’d love to share you all of you!

Todays trick of the trade: Keep extra rain boots, a towel, and change of clothes in the car for those short lived summer showers…who doesn’t love an impromptu dance in the rain? Let the weather work with you, not against- who cares if your hair gets wet or you make-up smears…it won’t matter once you hear the giggles going and have made the best out of another Seattle weather day.

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