To trick or treat? Who has the practice?

Let’s face it, Halloween is a little weird. I can’t even imagine what I was thinking those first few years of being stuffed into a costume, told to wander around in the dark, approach dark and spooky houses and receive candy from strangers. I suppose for me, it was a little easier then some. I had three older sisters, these gals always kept me in the loop. With older siblings you get the heads up about these things, like “don’t be scared, those aren’t real bones in the grass.” or “don’t go to that house, there is a guy who always jumps out to scare the kids.” or “always hit up this house, the give away king size candy bars!” What if you didn’t have that? What if you were the oldest? Or an only? Who helps you figure it all out?

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Here’s the good news…there are now place one can go to try out the whole trick or treating thing before the big day. Places you can go and see others wearing costumes and knocking on doors but the lights are on and the people aren’t so scary. There is no harm in preparing your little one for one of the strangest nights of the year.

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Here are some of  the safe spots to give trick or treating a practice run for you and your youngsters:

Children’s Hospital:

Date: Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Location: Seattle Children’s Autism Center, 4909 25th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105
Contact: Call 206-987-0299 for more information.
Cost: Free. No RSVP needed.

Woodland Park Zoo:


pumpkin bash featuring boomazium

WHEN: Oct 28 – Oct 29 at 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

WHERE: Phinney Ridge , Woodland Park Zoo, 5500 Phinney Ave. N., Seattle, Wa

COST: Free with admission or membership


Renton Landing:

WHEN: Oct 30, 2016 at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

WHERE: Renton, The Landing in Renton, 1215 N. Landing Way, Renton, Wa

COST: Free


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my “nothing” sunday

It’s been a really busy week for me. The time flew by and although I know I enjoyed it, it’s all a bit of a blur. I do know that I feel like today I got my feet back under me…chores are tackles, food is prepped, family time has been abundant. I love a good Sunday with “nothing” on the books!

My nothing started with a cup of coffee and cuddles with the cat. Which quickly was joined by the husband and the morning football games (we’ve got the red zone and a surface that bridges what might be missed by only one TV). As I felt the caffeine kicking in I was able to persuade my man to head to the store with me and get the last items needed for the week-went far better then anticipated. Home by noon.

In my need to pile as much into as small a time frame as possible, I got the Sunday brunch of home made biscuits and gravy going, prep for a soup to simmer, transfer now frozen pineapple into the smoothie container, hard boil eggs, and start the laundry…ALL before kickoff!!

I’ve got lunches and dinners for days, a clean bed to retire to, a happy husband and self (Thanks for a crazy game Seahawks), an empty sink…I think it’s time for a little me time! A really long and hot shower, my favorite bands playing in the background, and a evening of relaxing feeling set for the week.

I call today my “tornado” day…my one day a week where I go nuts, start as many projects as I feel confident I can complete before bed and just check of my to do list like I’m leaving town for weeks. When those long work days hit, and traffic slows my progress, I’m going to go home guilt free, slip into my cozy sweats and be grateful I was given time on the weekend to be lazy during the week…or at least have plan b and c in line to ward off stress!


The garden is growing and so is my joy!

I’m so excited to share a few updates about round two of the rooftop garden…it’s working! I’ve got things growing, woohoo!

radishes and spicy mixed greens
radishes and spicy mixed greens

This weekend my family will finally be able to enjoy a salad fresh from the garden! We will be able to make sandwiches with greens from our rooftop garden. I will be able to entertain friends with a made from scratch egg bake loaded with tomatoes and spinach!! Granted, I can’t feed an army…yet, but my faith in growing my own produce is growing.

It seems silly that a few red tomatoes, or the return of leaves to on a plant that looked beyond fried, can bring such joy to my heart but it does.



Eat your heart out produce department!

baby kale


Broken bones, a Summer Bummer

Alright moms, who can relate to me here?? That silent look on your child’s face when they come to you after riding a bike, “carrying” a limb because it seems to be unable to lift itself. The terror in their eyes that can only be a mix of pain and fear is haunting. This is a look I have seen twice before in my nanny career. The look that without a word you KNOW a visit to the ER is coming. Well, last week I saw that look on my own child’s face for the first time.

The ER visits were just the beginning. IN one week we had 3 ER visits, a follow up appt a splint, a long Seahawks cast, a split cast (to allow for swelling), and finally a short cast and this mom watched her child’s broken bones reset. NEVER want to do that again!!

Through this all I have leaned heavily on my favorite essential oils! A little balance blend for both mom and kiddo to keep calm, Peace and Console emotional aromatherapy blends to soothe the disappointment and heartache as my child realized all that she could no longer due this summer because of a cast.

I am so grateful to have these natural solutions in our home and can’t imagine life without them.

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? What is the big deal and why do people care so much about their name? Like when you meet someone and before you even have a chance to forget their name, they tell you “my name is Jennifer…not Jenn, or Jenny…don’t call me anything but Jennifer!” Whoa, why so bothered? How many times have you introduced your self this way, I wonder. I’ve actually been overhearing this as my work place is on boarding new staff, during my time volunteering at the zoo, or just sitting at the local bar . I suppose since it’s pretty hard to shorten Laura, I find this whole thing slightly interesting and I obviously haven’t had the experience of those with long names but the all of it got me think, what’s in a name?

What does this have to do with anything relevant to nanny consulting you might being asking yourself (or shouting through your screen at me)…here’s how. If we consider names are also job titles, in the world of child care there are so many different titles people use: babysitter, mothers helper, nanny, au pair just to name a few.

It’s confusing for those looking to find the right fit for their families when you aren’t sure which “name” to use when on your search. Do you need help Monday-Friday 9-5? Do you want to be able to run a few errands in the afternoon and maybe a date night once a month? Do you need some one to help entertain your little one and fold some laundry while you unload the dishwasher? Or are you looking for some who can live in and is also fluent in another language or culture then English?  Finding your fit is as easy as remembering the right “name.”

This week I’m going to give you my spin on each of these different names/titles.

Today’s name to think about is Mother’s helper.

Mother’s Helper: Ideally, a neighborhood preteen looking for a little cash and babysitting experience. Not quite old enough to be left home alone with children but responsible enough to be in different parts of house/yard to allow parents time to do some chores, get dinner started, get into the garden, etc. Usually will need transportation assistance if beyond short walk to and from home. There are varying degrees of a mother’s helper, some can be left home alone during a quick errand to the store, or run around the block. This is up to the parents of all involved (the child who is being looked after and the helper’s) based on safety and comfort levels of both parties. This may be revisited as helper ages. Usually paid day of service or as arranged by parents.

*A mother’s helper could of course also be an adult but may be looking for less then part-time (think in school, has a desire for second job/additional income, retired but still active). Beyond that I would begin to consider said person to be more along the line of babysitter/nanny which “names” I’ll ponder later this week.



Some of my favorite childhood memories involve board games, family and laughter. This seems to be a thing of the past for many families. We get so busy, have screens to distract us and sometimes, it is just easier to hang out and watch a movie.

I have learned over the years of nannying that kids LOVE game nights!! Each child may have their favorite game and we are so lucky to have so many options. We even have full stores dedicated to games in most large malls. If buying a new game is not for you take a minute to look online and learn a new card game, or charades. SO many options are out there.

SOme of my all time favorite games for the various ages are

Preschool- Candyland, Dr Suess- The Cat in the Hat, I can do that

Elem. School, lower- Tripoley, Sequence, Sorry, and Charades

Elem School, upper – Clue, Pictionary, Life, Monopoly

Older Kids/adults – Catan, Ticket to Ride, Boggle, Scrabble, and of course Trivia Pursuit

If you have a favorite game to play with your family please comment to this article and let’s see who has some great options.

Partners and Prospects

As you listen to conversations this time of year you are likely to hear people talk about childcare. Kids are out of school for the summer, they had to adjust work schedules, or hire summer help or maybe their nanny is getting married or moving on.

This is where YOU can partner with us! When a transition is taking place in a family we are here to help. We are proud to offer a FREE phone consultation to answer any questions you may have. That time is yours nothing held back so prep your questions and let’s chat. We also offer many tools like parent-nanny contracts either broad or personalized to your specific needs. This can be done at start of employment or if you realize it is a key piece you are missing we can help you set that up easily.

Our goal is to partner with families and nannies to help everyone succeed! Whether you are weeding through prospects or ready to partner with that perfect fit let Wholeness-Nanny and You guide you through the process.

Our key to success

Since starting this business I have been asked countless times what is the purpose? What do we offer that is different and how can we be SO confident in our success?

The answer is simple! With over 35+ years of combined childcare experience we have a unique understanding of what parents want, what nannies need and what is ideal for the children. It all comes down to clear expectations. When Parents and nanny are all on the same page the children will thrive!

We spent months developing our intake questionairre to include every detail. Working through this with parents equips them with the clarity to know EXACTLY what they are looking for. When a nanny is hired by a family that knows what they want and has spent the time to figure out what they expect from a nanny in ALL areas of the job you will see a drastic difference. Nannies choose this line of work because they want to work with children, and they thrive on giving the best of themselves. If they didn’t want to do that they would stay baby sitters or maybe do a childcare job that doesn’t require the details of what each family needs.

Clear expectations allow both Parents and Nannies to THRIVE!!! They know how to work together for the common goal and are not distracted by the little differences that come up. The outcome is a family with children that feel safe, secure and loved. Wholeness- Nanny and you has the experience in “the field” to insure insights that will create relationships of longevity and THAT my friends is the key to SUCCESS!