Broken bones, a Summer Bummer

Alright moms, who can relate to me here?? That silent look on your child’s face when they come to you after riding a bike, “carrying” a limb because it seems to be unable to lift itself. The terror in their eyes that can only be a mix of pain and fear is haunting. This is a look I have seen twice before in my nanny career. The look that without a word you KNOW a visit to the ER is coming. Well, last week I saw that look on my own child’s face for the first time.

The ER visits were just the beginning. IN one week we had 3 ER visits, a follow up appt a splint, a long Seahawks cast, a split cast (to allow for swelling), and finally a short cast and this mom watched her child’s broken bones reset. NEVER want to do that again!!

Through this all I have leaned heavily on my favorite essential oils! A little balance blend for both mom and kiddo to keep calm, Peace and Console emotional aromatherapy blends to soothe the disappointment and heartache as my child realized all that she could no longer due this summer because of a cast.

I am so grateful to have these natural solutions in our home and can’t imagine life without them.

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