Our key to success

Since starting this business I have been asked countless times what is the purpose? What do we offer that is different and how can we be SO confident in our success?

The answer is simple! With over 35+ years of combined childcare experience we have a unique understanding of what parents want, what nannies need and what is ideal for the children. It all comes down to clear expectations. When Parents and nanny are all on the same page the children will thrive!

We spent months developing our intake questionairre to include every detail. Working through this with parents equips them with the clarity to know EXACTLY what they are looking for. When a nanny is hired by a family that knows what they want and has spent the time to figure out what they expect from a nanny in ALL areas of the job you will see a drastic difference. Nannies choose this line of work because they want to work with children, and they thrive on giving the best of themselves. If they didn’t want to do that they would stay baby sitters or maybe do a childcare job that doesn’t require the details of what each family needs.

Clear expectations allow both Parents and Nannies to THRIVE!!! They know how to work together for the common goal and are not distracted by the little differences that come up. The outcome is a family with children that feel safe, secure and loved. Wholeness- Nanny and you has the experience in “the field” to insure insights that will create relationships of longevity and THAT my friends is the key to SUCCESS!


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