Snack lunches aka the Bento Box

Here’s to another week of trying to come up with some clever lunches to pack for the family. It’s a big task to come up with something everyone will enjoy, that is quick and easy, and will also have the nutritional value I want to see in my meals. I sometimes just give up, through up the white flag, and say “I surrender!”

When this happens, there is only one solution for my family. Snack lunches! No, not sack lunches…snack lunches. I’m sure you’ve seen the cute boxes that are coming out for lunch packing. Compact boxes with multiple compartments and tiny little tubs that fit inside. These are known as bento boxes and I love them! I am seeing them packed into more kids lunch boxes and am thrilled by the outcome.

These boxes, if packed correctly (aka to your likes) is like opening a treasure chest! Inside each of these boxes can usually fit 4-5 small items and are easy to arrange. The idea is to have multiple snacks that make up a complete meal. A few nuts, a spot for carrots and hummus, a couple crackers, a small tub peanut butter day one. Day two: some grapes, cubes of cheese,  cucumber, pretzels, and a little chicken salad.

I am still floored that i can prep a handful of fruits and veggies on the weekend, make a quick stop by the bulk bins (nuts, dried fruit, granola, etc) on my grocery run, and mix together a simple salad  and have my weeks worth of lunches done. I also don’t mind that on my lazier days, I can tell the family to fill up their own boxes and know they will be eating healthy of their own accord.

I dare you to go and pick up your own box (these aren’t just for kids) and try it out for a week. If you are anything like me you will get a natural high from knowing you’ve cut down on waste (no more little plastic bags), improved the nutrition value while controlling the portion sizes of your meals, and can have lunch ready in under 5 minutes!

Tip of the day: These little guys also work wonders on hiking trips or outings to the park. If there is one thing that quickly ruins my day, it’s the hunger factor. Having one of these prepped and ready to go on any adventure ups the enjoyment factor without upping the hassle.

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