The calm before the storm

Many of us in the PNW got a taste of the wind storms that the fall and winter months often bring yesterday. Of course, I could share my thoughts and experiences with it but as I sat snuggled in my home, enjoying the blustery day and the gas fireplace and had tea with my daughter all I could think was this ” I wish this moment would last”.

In my world I find moments of calm hard to come by. I thrive in a busy life and love being on the go with my favorite side kick in tow. Yet, as I think of the next 6 weeks and the buzz already in the air of Holiday preparations, the shopping, the invites and the unending pressure of making each moment count. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to share the magic of the Season with my family. I also, don’t want to wake up in Jan exhausted, unable to recall what we did because it was such a flurry of chaos, and have a large debt to show for the “fun” we had.

Over the next few days I want to share a few of the ways Wholeness Nanny and You can help you through this Holiday Season. I would love to hear your feedback and your tips so comment below and lets make this a magical time for kids, parents, and nannies alike.

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