My morning commute…the view that is!

Today’s little moment of thanks is for my morning commute. Not the drive, or the hour (way too early for this gal!), or the terrible drivers but for the views.

I am blessed to have some of the most amazing views along my drive into work. It helps that I head in at the same hour as nearly all of Seattle, leading me to be forced to stop and admire the beauty around me. I understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder so some of what I describe next may not fit your definition but I’d ask you drive it once on a gorgeous sunrise before totally axing this gratitude of mine.

This is my commute which I do solo, so I have no video or photo proof but believe me I have tried many times and there comes a point I had to decide safety first…

Here is just a “glimpse” of what I get to see and am grateful to enjoy:

-The port of Seattle with a backdrop of West Seattle. Ferries heading off to the islands which are often sprinkled with clouds off in the distance.

-The stadiums with Seattle’s top athletes starring me down.

– A stretch of I-90 where I am blinded by the sun rising, shocked by looming Mt Rainier, and in awe of what Bellevue looks like shrouded in fog.

– Bald eagles soaring, cranes gliding, gulls playing in the wind and hawks spying me from the light posts.

I hate mornings, not much will convince me otherwise but no matter what my grump level is, my wonderful and often unexpected views while heading in to face “the world” is just enough. Just enough to make it all worth it, to change my mood, uplift my spirit, and remind me how lucky I am to have this day.

Image result for mt rainier from I-90 floating bridge

Image result for sunrise from I-90 floating bridge

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