At the beginning of spring I was so inspired by all things green and blooming. I convinced my husband to let me splurge at the local garden store and buy “all the things we’ll need for produce this summer…it’ll save us on the grocery bill!” Being an awesome guy and knowing I have this endless optimism that all things will work exactly as planned, he agreed and I went nuts. I got the tomatoes, pea starts, onions, beets, strawberries, cauliflower, a few fuchsias and a couple succulents. For sure these things would grow and multiple as the summer began. We would be able to run to the roof for our daily vegetables, and even have enough to share with our neighbors. We were set.

Then the summer started and the sun shone brightly. And continued to shine daily, at temps Seattle is not accustom to, with no rain in sights. We broke record after record and the garden paid the price. I watered, I waited until the sun was set and temps were “cooler,” an attempt to avoid frying my personal produce stand. To no avail, my garden suffered greatly. My peas went crazy and were toast before I had the time to harvest many. My cauliflower leaves grew fast and furious and yet the cauliflower made to the size of a quarter before slowly turning brown and shriveling into nothing.


The tomatoes are my one rejoice. The ones planted in the corner survived the heat and with a little beating (yes, I beat the plants, trick I learned from my father in law- helps pollinate), they have been producing all summer. I’m hoping with the change of weather and cooler front coming in, that continues to be the case. I’m also hoping it means I little less manual watering trips, not that I mind but at the end of a long day I’m always okay with mother nature helping out a little.


The goal now is to take out all dead, dying, and disgusting items and replant some things for a late summer/fall harvest. More to come on that…

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