It’s that time of the summer where you might feel like  you’ve been to the same 4 parks 100 times and they are starting to lose their appeal to all…here is a fun little spot right off of I-5 in south Seattle (near Boeing). It’s generally pretty quite at all hours and well maintained. I’ve seen photo shoots under the sculptures, kids on the playground, couples enjoying a grasses picnic spot, and even two of Seattle’s new Limebikes (bicycle share for iOs and Andriod users and can be seen in photo below)!

I’d love to say I visit this park often but most my enjoyment is on my commute to and from work as i zip past and am shocked by how few folks really utilize this park. Sure it isn’t huge but it’s so interesting. Where else in Seattle do you get to rest in the shade of a giant cowboy hat?!? This place is a must see, at least once in your life!

The weather is just perfect for grabbing a little lunch or dinner to go at one in Georgetown and heading over to the park to enjoy! Need any suggestions on where to go? I’d be happy to share a couple of our favorites with you, just ask!

I dare you to check out this park and tell me what you think!

oxbow*This is the park around 7 am this morning…please excuse the super dirty window lens you are seeing this through 😉

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