Hey rooftop, don’t forget about the patio!

Okay, admittedly I have focused all my green thumb energy on the rooftop. I just have such high hopes for it. It was a major selling point for us when were house hunting and unfortunately it’s so rarely used. It’s super hot and a wind tunnel so umbrellas are a hassle (sometimes even a hazard if you aren’t paying close attention). I’m getting side tracked…stay tuned for the dilemmas of the rooftop, today is the patio’s turn.

The patio is quiet and concealed. My idea is to turn into a South Park hidden jungle. I want plants that are “manly” and make you feel immersed into another land. Big leaves, tall grasses, spots of bright reds and oranges (no pinks or purples here ).

However, we really have neglected getting anything going in this space. In my spring splurge I did get a pot large enough to plant the lilac that has been growing slow and steady across many locations and years. Also a discounted ground cover that was planted 9 months later and with little hope of recovery.

With the replanting of the rooftop, the patio was given a little more attention. Two new planters (husband is going to paint them…someday), a couple Coleus varieties (oops, they look a little pink and purple. shhhh, don’t tell the hubby!), black grass (I don’t recall the name), and a cool green grass that blooms these neat orange flowers.

Montbretia - Western Isles Wildflowers


Image result for black grass



I was reigned in by the better half so it’s only a small improvement but has got the wheels turning!

man garden

Maybe by next summer we will be able to enjoy this space with family and friends. We long to have ┬áspace enough to entertain, enjoy amazing company, and chow down on some yummy snacks…all without having to leave our home.

Small steps in the right direction!