I can’t help myself…he made me do it!


On the heels of my “healthy” sandwich post, my husband graciously offered to make us lunch and I enthusiastically said “yes!”

He does not follow the same recipe I do. I love him dearly but couldn’t help but share this lunch made with all sorts of love…and mayo, mustard, hummus AND cheese. I do love that he added this amazing arugula, pear, and quinoa salad along side with a homemade Dijon dressing. Yum! hubby sandwich

Sometimes, you just gotta splurge and have ALL the condiments.



Lunch time!

Hey all!

Another week is upon us and I volunteered to tackle the lunch making. I know it isn’t much but here’s my take on a quick and easy lunch.

On the menu? Sandwich, sour fruit gummies, and baby carrots. I know it isn’t earth shattering or mind blowing but it is simple, healthy, a little fun, and targets nearly every food group-sorry dairy but we aren’t the best of friends so you aren’t represented.


lunch 3
Sneak peek

Here’s my break down and a couple tips along the way:

Today’s sandwich is: ham, pepperoni, greens (from the garden!!!) with hummus spread.

lunch 4 I use hummus as a substitute for mayo/mustard and cheese. It’s my way to cheat some healthy points into the meal and subtract unneeded/unwanted calories.


For my family, eating fruits and veggies isn’t a problem at home, we love most anything!  Getting them in outside of the home seems to be our problem. Too many choices get squished or bruised and look unappealing before lunch even starts! I’ve found that if I pop a few that are easy and mindless to eat while at a desk such as carrots, cherry tomatoes (when in solid container), apple slices, etc, they actually disappear by the end of the day- score!

Here’s a handful of carrots, a sweet treat for dessert (or save for the bus ride home) , and a little “love note” hidden under the sandwich.

lunch 1

Wrap your sandwich with your napkin- that way you know you’ve got one on hand at meal time AND it helps to hold your sandwich together (without using plastic)! I used the snack pack as my divider for carrots and sandwich- we’ll see if we end up with a soggy mess or crumby carrots…



lunch 2I try my best to avoid plastic baggies so I love these boxes from our favorite Thai takeout. I gave up baggies as a personal challenge this year to reduce my plastic use and instead opt to reuse these containers as my “bento” box go to. They are super sturdy, stay closed, and help ensure lunches aren’t smashed before lunch.

With so little in the way of trash, it’s quick and easy to put the lid back on, put back in your bag and still have time to play a game or read your email! That’s what I call success on so many levels!

Voila! Lunch is served!




Back to School – Let’s do Lunch (and more!)

Image result for school bus

It’s official.

School is really knocking on the door. My question is, are you ready?

If you are anything like me, these things always sneak up on me and I find myself scrambling to be prepared on time. Even more often, I’m left with a heavy heart as I brainstorm awesome ideas- after the fact.

To make back to school time one of excitement for the learning that is about to occur and the social experiences our children will encounter, we hope and pray that everything goes smoothly, everyone enjoys their first days of adjusting, and dinner around the table is met with laughter, not tears and fears (for both kids and parents).


In effort to kick of the 2017-2018 school year on the right foot, I’ve cheated and used my best friend pinterest to come up with a few ways to alleviate some stress and still feel like a rock star parent/caregiver.

To start off this school year, I’ve decided to go with some ideas of how to capture the memories of those first day cuties. How often are you wishing you had spent two more minutes getting that picture instead of rushing to the car/bus?

Back to school photo sign- Chalkboard/reusable

Another chalkboard photo opportunity



I’ve included some lunch making tips (for you or your “growing more independent daily” child) that aims to hit the healthy mark and gives multiple days of ideas! When the work day is too long and making lunches seems more like climbing a mountain, let these guys point you in the right direction.

Make your own school lunch


Build a healthy lunch

You’ll also find some fun notes and affirmations you can sneak into your kiddos lunch or back pack to let them know you are thinking of them…always!

Free printable lunch notes and jokes!

Printable lunch notes



Be warned, if you enter the world of “pinning” without a timer, you may find yourself doing more pinning then living. It’s a slippery slope but full of awesome time saving, parent helping, kid loving hints and tips.