Movies in the park!

Free movies in the park! I just had to share as whats better then a free event for a family on a budget or a nanny looking to spice up the day to day routine? One that last through dinner ( picnic and popcorn!) and up to bedtime.

Might I suggest checking out:

Crossroads Movies in the Park  for August shows

Downtown Bellevue Movies in the Park shows in July and August!

Movies at the Mural (aka the Seattle Center) also showings July and August

For a super extensive list of movies in the park go to

Local Resources

When the weekend is around the corner, I’m always looking for fun ways to pass the time. I’ve had the best luck finding event calendars, parenting tips, links to specialized care, and the latest trends through these resources:

Daily Trick of the Trade: Share! When you find an awesome resource, be sure you share it with other families…just because you stumbled onto an amazing tool doesn’t mean the parent next to you knows about it. Knowledge is power!