Fire season in Seattle

Admittedly, I did not venture outside yesterday. I know, I know! How awful of me, and on Labor Day none the less. I just couldn’t motivate myself to find any need to go out in the heat just to go out there. In my defense, I did spend upward of 10 hours at the zoo the previous two days and had encountered my share of conversation, questions, kids, adults, animals and sunshine…I was plain tuckered out and not afraid to admit it.

Imagine my wonder and confusion when I went out to my car this morning. What was all the added “stuff” on my already incredibly dirty car? I would have heard fireworks if they were set off this close, it clearly isn’t snowing, that isn’t the right color for pollen, my car was completely dusted in…ashes!

The work of a teenager, a firework, and a dry summer in Washington. So sad, on so many levels.

This was the sky at 7 am in Bellevue Washington. I kept the white van in the shot so you can have an idea of just how orange the sky is. It’s hard to capture the true hue with my phone camera

view from Bellevue at 9 am

I was fortunate to leave work a little early today. We were down in numbers and I was high in errands and to-do’s. It was easy to edit my list to only include the items that took place inside, no way am I going to spend any more time out there then needed.


rooftop view toward seattle at 3pm I was going to do a little more in the garden but would you want to breath in this air?

When this is what you are used to?       Typical view toward Seattle around 5 in August


Now imagine you are not 116 miles away from the fire…

There are no words…

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to those who are dealing with the trials of this season.

Be strong, know you are not alone, and you are LOVED!