Supporting local business and improving my health!

Hey guys, if you are gardening this summer, just want to give a quick shout out to two local companies who are worth supporting for all your garden needs. Be sure to check them out.

McLendon and Cedar Grove– you rock! Thanks for being a great alternative to the big name stores, you know who I’m talking about. You may be slightly smaller but with a much bigger service and customers focus. We choose you guys any day!

Rooftop garden, how do like them apples? No really, do like this better??

As I mentioned last week, the rooftop garden is in need of some serious help. Stupid thing is, I have all the seeds, crushed egg shells, soil/compost, and pots needed to start again…I’m just lazy.

Well, not so! I am happy to announce the rooftop has been replanted! We’ve got a few different types of leafy greens going. The round pots are spinach and mixed lettuce courtesy of my father in law who only uses the best seeds. I’ve also found in the clean up that the onions are hanging on for dear life. I have replanted them with a bit more spacing and hope to at least have a couple young onions into the early fall.

We are also going for a couple radishes (which I have had success with in other locations), kale and Swiss chard (long shots I know at the late stage), and a row of spicy mixed greens.

Here’s hoping.