Fun free spot for a picnic AND lots of photo ops of your summer cuties!

Hey all, here’s a little spot to ponder for your next picnic. The view is amazing, the smell enchanting, the fountains and benches sprinkled all around make it seem a little like a secret garden. This is a perfect spot to stop and smell the roses…the Rose Garden at Woodland Park Zoo! The garden is free to the public (unless you pay to park in the parking lot…I don’t mind the 2-3 block walk from a side street) and often overlooked by the zoo visitors.

Often you will see one of the zoo’s peacocks roaming the garden, a deer spent a little time there earlier this summer, rabbits, birds and all fun bugs of summer can be found here. Just sit down and let the magic of summer surround you!rose garden hours

It’s also the most wonderful spot to grab amazing photos…of the flowers, yourself, the gazebo, or that special someone who is picnicking with you! Too many fantastic spots to choose! Hurry though…when the seasons change, so does the beauty of this garden ( and the hours ).

cool thingrose