This past week has had me wishing I was still a nanny…or that I still carried around a purse like I did then. Sure, there are perks to having a desk at work that holds most of the same things but there is nothing like being as prepared as when you’ve got your “nanny purse.” When the week faces a true Seattle weather pattern (all the things in a day), doctors appointments immediately after work,  evening community advisory meetings, and one or two speed bumps at work- a nanny purse would have been a life saver more then once! Instead, I’ve got this now…

little purse


Which fits about this much…

little-purse-open.jpg Which is clearly, very little of my go-to’s of the past.

What is a “nanny purse?” We’ve all seen them. The giant bag that nannies carry that isn’t a diaper bag but could (and certainly does) double as a carry on at the airport. They’ll still call it a purse. Secure closures and zippered compartments to separate “my life” from “work life,” keeping nosy kiddos at bay. It’s half the size of the kid and carries the secret to their big smiles. It’s a bag of amazing and the answer to almost any problem, although sometimes only temporarily.

I’m sure I will over look at least 2-3 items I found essential to my nanny survival but here is what I consider pretty important and so wish I had with me this week:

-The basics: ID, money, card, and coins

-Keys/Cards for work (their house key, debit card, garage door opener, etc.)

-Tissues (if kept with sealed baggy, you have a portable garbage and germ holder)

-Wipes (they can clean near anything, even your leather purse!)


-Medications: headache, tummy, allergy, eye drops


-Umbrella in a plastic sealed bag (return to bag when done using and purse won’t get wet)

-Stain stick


-snacks (quick energy fixes like bars or nuts)

-pen and paper (a melt down can be avoided with a little drawing time or game of tic tac toe)

-hair ties

-book (you’ll need this when waiting in carpool lines)


-band aids

Oh for the days of this guy…

big purse open


What’s in your nanny purse? What’s the one item you can’t you leave home without? Did I forget your favorite?



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