Halloween crafts…time to decorate!

It’s already halfway through this spooky month that kicks off fall and a domino of holidays. I thought it’d be a fun time to share a couple super quick and easy crafts you (or your nanny) could do with your little one to get into the Halloween mood…these are kid friendly, not crafts to spark fear and nightmares.

These are some of my favorite crafts I’ve done year after year with my clients at work. Some of these do require a little more supervision (think paint or scissors) but all in all can be completed fairly independently. I find having one example done ahead of time helps little crafts understand the crafts at hand.

Spider Web– this requires some fine motor practice from little hands and a tiny bit of prep from the adults. I would do the paint in phases, this could be a multiple day projects or be used in a home “lesson”…incorporate a web hunt in the back yard, read some stories about spiders, sing itsy-bitsy spider. spider wed *Don’t forget to add the age of those hands on the back…it’s fun to watch the spider grow each year if you repeat this craft.

Mummies!– this one is super cute and gives use to those condiment jars that are almost empty after all the summer barbecues. With very few materials needed yet painting with glue!- this slightly mess is craft is hit for kids and parents alike. Who doesn’t like one more light by the door on these dark, windy nights? I recommend using the battery operated tea lights for added safety (and they won’t get blown out).


Monster – so you may notice a theme with my crafts…if it can be done with recycled products that I have laying around the house, that’s my preference. Here’s one that is fun to do during a play date or with siblings. Get all the materials out, show them the picture, and see what kind of monsters your little monsters come up with. I love seeing how creative young minds can get.

monstersI think this is also a great craft for ridding your craft drawer of tiny bits of left over materials from past projects. It doesn’t have to look like much to you, it’s what it becomes in the hands of the artist that matters!





Candy Corn handprints– If you are one of those types who look at those tiny hands and can’t imagine that they will one day be as large as yours…this one is for you! It may take a tag team effort to avoid a paint-tastraphy (one holding hand, one prepared with paper towel to immediately wipe hands). Again, this craft leans toward the side of me who likes to repeat projects and see the growth…you could even start with year one on one side and add a candy corn each year to see the side by side comparison. All too often, we look down and realize we are staring at the heart of our “little” ones, not into there eyes- the grow sooooo fast!

 candy corn

As I always recommend, Pinterest! It has endless ideas for crafts, decorating, teaching, learning…it’s an amazing tool to help any one turn a craft into a lesson, or a dream into reality!

Happy not so spooky October to you! Enjoy the changing of the seasons and all the fun of fall!





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