What’s in a name? part 3 (almost done!)

So…I got a little of track and distracted by the weekend and all that wonderful time in the kitchen and forgot to finish off this idea of childcare defined by it’s name, my apologies!

Today’s name is-NANNY!

With a nanny, your child care has grown up or graduated in terms of expectations, responsibilities, and commitment level. A nanny has finish high school but may still be pursuing further education leading to a varied schedule as well as a higher motivation for a steady income. Completion of school work during nanny hours are agreed upon by family and nanny, but may not be an option in all homes. A nanny is generally responsible for their own transportation to and from home.

A nanny becomes the right hand for parents when they are not home. Nanny task often extend beyond strictly childcare including but not limited to household laundry, meal prep, dishes, service appointments, errands, carpool, etc. The degree of involvement should be decided by parents upon hiring a nanny. Do you want this person to have access to your credit cards, fold your under garments, drive your children around, have a house key, drive your car? Is the task list a feasible one to accomplish while providing quality child care?

Most nannies are working full time and are expecting to have some what regular hours/income, it is important to be sure both the family and the nanny are in agreement to what a that looks like. A nanny may be willing to travel with a family or do an “overnight” -a couple days in home while parents travel for additional compensation and as a sub agreement.

A nanny can quickly become part of the family so it is wise to discuss how much interaction the family would like to have with nanny outside of work hours. Ponder this, would you want your nanny to attend sporting events/plays/concerts of your child? Being a volunteer chaperone at school? There is no right answer but may be something you’d like to consider!

A great nanny, is an amazing person. One full of energy, motivation, laughter, and endless ideas. Someone who will encourage growth and learning, who will help foster young minds to accomplish great things. They will be able to anticipate the needs of those around them, be full of compassion, patience, and understanding, and no knowledge of the meaning of “can’t.”


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