Whatcha doing this summer??

Summer is here and in full swing! I’m guilty of being a little swept away with all the possibilities of  summer. Late nights outside because the sun sets at 9. Me staying up too late, warm weekends lending themselves to brunches out with day drinks with friends, baseball has me glued to the TV nearly every night past bedtime and then some and I’m not sorry about any of it! Well, I’m a little sorry in the morning when the alarm signals another day of adulting before I get to slip back into my summer attitude. I’m also sorry I’m not getting as much posted as I “should” but that got me thinking about what it is that has you disregarding your routine this summer…

My bucket list: Movie in the park, camping, hiking, visit a body of water not in the immediate seattle area, continue filling my rooftop with plants (and perhaps a little less killing/frying the ones I have up there), get a cabin on the island for a weekend, go to a baseball game, maybe an outdoor concert (bumbershoot anyone)?

What else can I add? What’s on yours?

Summer is so much more fun when it’s shared! Give me all the ideas and I can pretend I have all the time! Looking for kid friendly, as well as date ideas.


4 thoughts on “Whatcha doing this summer??

      1. that is pretty magical! but I’ll let you have the mosquito! lol! I love the amazing views of the mountains as i commute each morning across the bridge…come fall and winter those puppies are so hard to find!

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