Get outside and get active!

Summer is all about enjoying your free time and the awesome weather. During the summer it is easy to find oneself lying on the couch and taking in hours of the day time programming you miss while at work or school, sleeping in until noon, or finding excuses like “it’s too hot out” to stay inside.

I challenge you to get outside and get moving. Summer is full of activities we aren’t able to do in the wet months of the winter. Find a park with walking/hiking trails (think Seward, Greenlake, Marymoor) and pack a picnic. Head to one of the local beaches and go for a swim, or better yet, rent a kayak for a couple hours and work on those biceps. Hop on your bike and explore a new section of your neighborhood. There are even a couple of ways to trick yourself into getting those steps…visit the zoo or arboretum, join a friend at a local market and walk the booths.

Summer is all to fleeting in our neck of the woods, make sure you take time to get out and see the sights while getting fresh air and vitamin D!

Tip of the day: Make plans with someone else. You are much more likely to follow through with your outdoor activity if you are held accountable. Plus its always fun to take in some amazing views or try a new sport with some one else!

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